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Balkan is a place where the Orient meets Europe, where the Pagan customs still live with Christians, Antic develop in modern, and found his home. The land rises with honey and blood, with gods and heroes, with legends and kings, with witches and vampires. Protected with the Danube and high mountains, with the sea and the sky, Balkan has an ideal position. Nowhere you will find diversity of history, cultural colors and folklore tradition.

Visiting Balkan is like travelling with a time machine. You will enjoy the local food and wines, domestic hospitality, impressive nature, wild rivers and lakes, mountains and national parks. The cold stones of the monasteries and castles storytelling about wars, culture and love. Balkan is the most romantic place you can visit. From Belgrade to Sremski Karlovci, from Plovdiv to Sibiu, from Athens to Corfu, from Ohrid to Kotor, from Dubrovnik via Mostar  to Sarajevo you will see different culture but you will experience Balkan as one country. Discover Balkan in unique way and adventure the Danube, hike the Drina valley, fall in love in Plovdiv, find your destiny in Delphi, taste wine in Macedonia, cruise in the bay of Kotor, walk in pedestrian zone of Dubrovnik, adventure rafting in the Tara canyon and feel the legends walking over the bridges of Mostar and Visegrad. 




InSide Serbia - Tours in Serbia

  • Active holidays / Packaged offers: 2

    Active holidays in Serbia and Balkans means a real contact with the pure Nature. Breathtaking mountain  sights , pristine magnificent nature , charming picturesque villages , tradition and deep heritage  show  true  beauty  of Serbia and the Balkans...
  • Art and Culture / Packaged offers: 1

    Serbia and the Balkans combine the history, art and culture between East Europe and West Europe. The way of living, tradition, food and folklore from different Balkan regions are forming a Cultural heritage  like in one unified country...
  • Discover Cities / Packaged offers: 2

    The cities in Serbia and the Balkans are thru treasures of living from all periods of civilization. The modern and traditional cities developed from the past find their places on the crossroads, river banks and on the Mediterranean coast...
  • Rivers Sightseeing and Boat Trips / Packaged offers: 2

    The rivers in this region provide the opportunities for unforeseen thrills.   
  • The Colors Of Balkan / Packaged offers: 2

    Serbia and the Balkan countries are with same culture and tradition. You are crossing borders but you have always the same theme for traveling. Is it a Monastery Tour, Hiking Tour, Wine tasting Tour, Archeological Tour, Danube or Adriatic Cruise or a Cultural Tour you can always combine several countries in same area...