Art and Culture

Serbia and the Balkans combine the historyart and culture between East Europe and West Europe. The way of living, traditionfood and folklore from different Balkan regions are forming a Cultural heritage  like in one unified country. Orient meets Europe in Balkanand take the best of all the cultures, building stone bridgesmonasteriesmosques and old cities.  The famous frescoes and ornamentssculptures and temples are unique art values of the Balkan Culture.

The tradition in Stone Art starts almost in the first settlements in prehistoric Vinca and Lepenski VirThe Roman Emperors, mostly born in Serbia left a lot of archeological sitesMonuments and Sculptures. The Middle age was a rich cultural prosperity in building MonasteriesCastles and old cities in Serbia and the Balkans. The modern Serbia is rising from the 19. Century till now. Cultural institutions and Art Museums are keeping values of  famous poets, writers, painters and sculptures. The cultural value is also the folklore tradition and way of living of the Balkan people. The Rakija distilleries and Wine areas are very famous and worth of tasting. Visit Balkanand be part of the unique Tradition.

872-belgrade-royal-palace.jpg 872-belgrade-royal-palace.jpg
873-butrint-saranda.JPG 873-butrint-saranda.JPG
874-decebal-monument.JPG 874-decebal-monument.JPG
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876-felix-romulianum.jpg 876-felix-romulianum.jpg
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878-golubac-fortress.jpg 878-golubac-fortress.jpg
879-magura-cave.JPG 879-magura-cave.JPG
880-ortodox-church-in-trebinje.jpg 880-ortodox-church-in-trebinje.jpg
882-plaosnik-ohrid.jpg 882-plaosnik-ohrid.jpg
883-rila-monastery.jpg 883-rila-monastery.jpg
884-serbian-slava.jpg 884-serbian-slava.jpg
885-skenderbeg-museum.JPG 885-skenderbeg-museum.JPG
886-smederevo-fortress.jpg 886-smederevo-fortress.jpg
887-stone-graves-bosnia.jpg 887-stone-graves-bosnia.jpg
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  • Belgrade City Break

      From the experimental to the traditional, explore all wonderful arts and culture Belgrade sights.  Exciting story about the 'Crossroads of the Worlds'.We walk through 'Stambol' gate and enjoy in the view from the Gate of the Balkan, view of the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers Visit Museum of Nikola Tesla, with great presentation of his invents, one of the gratest scientist of the world...