Who we are?

After 20 years the Robinson Adventure Team offers many packages, such as Inside the Balkans Round Trips, and themed tours like Nature and Culture, The Heart of Danube, Wine & Dine, and Hiking and Adventure.

Our City break tours of Belgrade, Mostar, Sarajevo , Sofia, Bucharest.. showcase the historic neighbourhoods, cultural attractions and architectural gems of these and other vibrant cities.

Our hidden Serbia tours allow visitors to enjoy regional cuisine and wine, while sailing Danube and exploring Roman archeological sites.


The mission of the Robinson Adventure Team is to showcase the culture and beauty of Serbia and Balkans, while allowing visitors to enjoy the hospitality of their people.

The team’s programs are unique and tailor-made for different groups. The highly professional and knowledgeable staff is ready to exceed your expectations.


B O O K  Y O U R  G R O U P


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