Active holidays

Active holidays in Serbia and Balkans means a real contact with the pure NatureBreathtaking mountain  sights , pristine magnificent nature , charming picturesque villages , tradition and deep heritage  show  true  beauty  of Serbia and the Balkans.  Region’s hotspots and favorite destinations  certainly are its  beautiful mountainsrivers and lakes, rich flora and fauna. They are forming famous National parksNature reserves and settlements of  birds and herbals.


There are a lot of hiking areas in Serbia and BalkansProfessional Tour Guides will show you the hidden trails and most attractive view points. You will enjoy the delicious food and taste home made wine and famous Rakia. The best way to discover Nature is by walking but you can also combine with boat cruise or by bike. By soft Adventures you will meet local people and discover the way of living in the traditional villages. You can by local products, collect herbs and be part of preparing meals. For more adrenalin we invite you to visit high mountains peeks, hike through wild Nature and do the famous Tara rafting as an unique experience.

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  • Tara Rafting

    A three-day rafting package with two overnights stay.  Unforgettable day for rafting and pleasant stay in camp “Bastasi” which you will remember for a long time. Visit the most beautiful (and largest) European canyon and rafting on the most excited part of Tara river...
  • Serbian Adventure

    Rich cultural inheritance, breathtaking mountain sights , pristine magnificent nature ,urban hedonism of its capitals , seductive rhythm and delicious authentic local dishes and hospitality ,charming picturesque villages , tradition and deep religion show true beauty ofthe Balkans...